Sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing sub-council, the China Refrigeration Society and the China Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry Association, the 29th International Exhibition for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Frozen Food Processing and Storage (hereinafter referred to as “China Refrigeration Expo”) was hosted by the Beijing International Exhibition Center on April 9, 2018 at China International Exhibition Center (new center).

As one of the largest exhibitions in the field of refrigeration and HVAC, this year's Expo has attracted 1,140 exhibitors, with a total exhibition area of ​​106,800 square meters and a net area of ​​46,431 square meters. There are related companies, industry organizations and government agencies from more than 30 countries and regions around the world. The exhibits cover all the well-known brands in the global refrigeration and HVAC industry. It is estimated that nearly 60,000 professional visitors and users from more than 100 countries and regions around the world will come to visit and negotiate.

The theme of this year’s Expo is “to improve quality and balance development, stay true to the mission and create the future”. Combined with national industrial policies and industry hotspots, the organizing committee organized various exchange activities around the theme during the exhibition.

On the basis of summarizing the experience of previous exhibitions, this year's China Refrigeration Expo continues to develop the following aspects.

1. Multi-faceted seminars and exchange meetings
More than 50 sessions of various forums, such as theme forums, seminars, and technical exchanges were held during the China Refrigeration Expo, focusing on related industry hotspot issues covering national industrial policies and global market conditions, such as the winter Olympic venue ice(snow) making related technologies, heat pumps and people's livelihoods. The relevant departments of the China Association for Science and Technology also held high-level discussions on industry hotspots for the first time at the Expo.

2. The professional visitors further increase in scale
The organizing committee further improves the organization of professional visitors. UN Environment organized more than 70 high-level project officials in the national ozone and energy efficiency fields in Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia, from 35 countries, participated in the roadshows and roundtable on ozone climate technology and observed the refrigeration exhibition. The professional visitors, including chief engineers from the National Design Institute of Refrigeration and HVAC, the colleagues from refrigeration industry, and HVAC high-end users, have further expanded in scale. The activities are richer in content and exhibitors’ exchanges become more intensive.

3. All-round display of exhibitors
The organizing committee used outdoor advertising, China Refrigeration Expo News, China Refrigeration Expo News Center, and more than 60 cooperative media around the world to give follow-up report. It has invited exhibitors to participate in special reports, organized interviews at different levels, and used the online platforms such as “365 days of China Refrigeration Expo”, to achieve the "seamless docking" of the visitors, exhibitors and the Expo. The WeChat public platform, Sina Weibo, e-newsletter and other systems are established to regularly publish activities of the refrigerating exhibition and information about exhibitors.

4. Adhere to open cooperation and gather domestic and foreign advantageous resources
Adhering to the concept of open cooperation, China Refrigeration Exhibition attracts the domestic and overseas resources with an international and diversified comprehensive communication platform. The exhibition groups of the United States, South Korea, India and Europe have participated in the Expo. Foreign Cooperation Center on Environment Protection of National Ministry of Environmental Protection, UN Environment, UNDP and China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association (member of Organizing Committee of China Refrigeration Expo) co-hosted the largest ozone climate technology roadshow and roundtable meeting of the year. The Association of Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and the European Association for Energy and Environmental Cooperation (EPEE) continue to organize several meetings with the organizers.

5. Continue to carry out the selection of innovative products of China Refrigeration Expo
As a window for exhibitors' technological innovation, the selection of innovative products fully reflects the latest technological achievements and development direction of the industry. In 2018, after two rounds of evaluation by 28 experts, 26 innovative products from 23 domestic and foreign companies were evaluated. The list will be released during the opening reception on April 8.

6. Continue to organize experts to write the technical report of China Refrigeration Expo
The "Technical Report of China Refrigeration Expo" has been written for ten years. Based on the technical report of the previous ten years, the "10 Years Technical Review Report of China Refrigeration Expo" was compiled to summarize the technical progress of the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry. Through reviewing the development history of the exhibition in the past ten years, it aims to strengthen development beliefs, promoting technological innovation and industry progress.

The following major hot spots of the China Refrigeration Expo are worthy of attention.

1. Special display area focusing on industry hotspots
In response to industry hotspots, the China Refrigeration Expo has set up a Cold Chain Display Zone, an Ozone Climate Technology Roadshow Display Zone and a Heat Pump Display Zone. The Ozone Climate Technology Roadshow Zone fully demonstrates the Montreal Protocol implementation achievements of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, as well as industry heat pump demonstration projects and responsible use of refrigerant and other content. The Heat Pump Display Area focuses on the latest technology and product applications and solutions in the heat pump industry. Forums and promotion activities in related areas such as “Heat Pump Technology Development Trends and Applications” were organized in the special area, focusing on topics related to heat pump and people's livelihood.

2. Emphasis on intellectual property protection
The organizing committee set up an IPR booth at the exhibition site, and invited professionals familiar with the law, intellectual property, and patents to provide exhibitors with relevant services related to intellectual property disputes. The committee summarized the basis of intellectual property work in each year’s exhibition, strictly reviewed the qualifications of exhibitors, signed a letter of commitment for intellectual property protection with each exhibitor, took corresponding measures for exhibitors who violate the rules and established a blacklist of illegal enterprises and strictly prohibit their participation.

3. Intelligent and personalized exhibition
The organizing committee uses the database management system to carry out booth arrangement and visitor precise classification management. At present, more and more visitors use the advanced online pre-registration system to register. The exhibition organizer system of the Expo allows exhibitors to easily learn the visitor information and the product areas they are interested in with the mobile app. This year, the organizing committee launched the “on-line online declaration system”, and the exhibitors' registration was completely paperless and the green exhibition concept was realized in practice.

The development and growth of China Refrigeration Expo in scale and brand, is closely related to the support and help of people in the HVAC industry and the care of all social sectors. Based on the existing achievements, the Organizing Committee of China Refrigeration Expo will adhere to the fine traditions of the past, stay true to the initial intentions and efforts, and strive to create an international, diversified and professional industry all-round exchange display platform for exhibitors and industry. The committee will take the needs of the society as responsibility and strive for the beautiful future of China's HVAC and refrigeration industry and the people's living environment.