Working Together for Development and Creating New Chapter-The 30th China Refrigeration Expo Will be Held in Shanghai

China Refrigeration Expo    April 1, 2019

From April 9 to 11, 2019, sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Sub-council, the China Refrigeration Society, the China Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry Association, the Shanghai Society of Refrigeration and the Shanghai Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute, the 30th International Exhibition for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Frozen Food Processing and Storage(hereinafter referred to as “China Refrigeration Expo”), was hosted by the Beijing International Exhibition Center at Shanghai New International Expo Center.

The Expo, as one of the largest professional exhibitions around the world in the industry, was certified by two international authoritative institutions, UFI and FCS. It has formed a multi-disciplinary platform with exhibition and display as its main functions based on high-end forums and internet.

The theme of this year's China Refrigeration Expo is “Cooperative Innovation and Collaborative Development”. Companies and institutions in the industry from 33 countries and regions around the world will participate in the exhibition to create a wonderful event for the HVAC industry. The organizing committee will continue to advocate the development concept of green exhibitions and fulfill the social responsibility of the organizers.

This year's China Refrigeration Expo will inherit seven major characteristics and present three highlights worth expectation.
I. Continue to inherit the seven characteristics of the exhibition
1. Well-known brands gather together and new products and new technologies emerge one after another
The world's leading brands and all kinds of exhibits from the mainframe to accessories in the industry will gather here. Exhibitors will show their new technologies and new products in an all-round manner.
2. Wonderful discussion and exchanges and diverse industry views.
The organizing committee will hold theme forums and more than 20 seminars during the exhibition. Exhibitors will also hold about 30 technical exchanges with the exhibition platform, release new products, promote new technologies, and exchange ideas with peers.
3. Organize professional visitors, high-end users to the exhibitions, and carry out in-depth exchanges and interactions.
The organization of professional visitors was intensified. Overseas buyers' groups, chief engineers from the National Design Institute of Refrigeration and HVAC, the colleagues from refrigeration industry were invited to conduct in-depth exchanges and interactions with exhibitors.
4. Focusing on intellectual property protection
The organizing committee set up an IPR booth at the exhibition site, and invited professionals familiar with the law, intellectual property, and patents to provide exhibitors with relevant services related to intellectual property disputes. The committee summarized the basis of intellectual property work in each year’s exhibition, strictly reviewed the qualifications of exhibitors, signed a letter of commitment for intellectual property protection with each exhibitor, took corresponding measures for exhibitors who violate the rules and established a blacklist of illegal enterprises and strictly prohibit their participation.
5. Adhere to open cooperation and gather advantageous resources
China Refrigeration Expo always adheres to the concept of open cooperation, and attracts the active resources at home and abroad with an international and diversified comprehensive communication platform.
6. Carry out the selection of innovative products and organize experts to write technical report of China Refrigeration Expo
As a window for exhibitors' technological innovation, the selection of innovative products fully reflects the latest technological achievements and development direction of the industry. The Technical Report of China Refrigeration Expo aims to provide the industry with a summary of the products and technologies of the year, analyze the development of the industry, and promote the progress of the industry.
7. Combined with industry hotspots and create a display area
In the case of limited booths, the organizing committee insisted on setting up a cold chain display area, an ozone climate technology roadshow display area and a heat pump display area to show new achievements, publicize new ideas, and fulfill their duties for the development of industry and society.
II. Three innovation highlights of the Expo
1. Internet and big data for improving participation efficiency and practicing green commitment
The China Refrigeration Expo will fully use the “online declaration system” to achieve a comprehensive paperless registration process. It implemented the concept of green exhibitions and facilitates the management of data, rationally allocate booths and improve the efficiency of exhibitions. The current exhibition butler system allows exhibitors to use the mobile app to easily acquire the visitor information and the product areas they care about.
2. Strictly control noise and create a good environment
This year's China Refrigeration Expo prohibits exhibitors from bringing any audio equipment, purifying the exhibition environment and improving the quality of the exhibition environment and the exhibition effect.
3. Refine the layout of the booth and increase the net area of ​​the exhibition
In 2019, there were more than 2,240 exhibitors. Under the premise of not affecting the display effect and the regulations of the exhibition hall, the organizing committee redesigned the booth layout to meet the exhibitors' needs. The exhibition's net area exceeded 50,000 square meters for the first time. 

The development and growth of China Refrigeration Expo in scale and brand, is closely related to the support and help of people in the HVAC industry and the care of all social sectors. Based on the existing achievements, the Organizing Committee of China Refrigeration Expo will adhere to the fine traditions of the past, stay true to the initial intentions and efforts, and strive to create an international, diversified and professional industry all-round exchange display platform for exhibitors and industry. The committee will take the needs of the society as responsibility and strive for the beautiful future of China's HVAC and refrigeration industry and the people's living environment.