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Foshan Nanhai Yitaike Air Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-paying technology enterprise specializing in the production of adsorption dehumidifier runner and heat recovery runner. According to the runner materials imported directly from the United States by Taike, a dehumidifier runner of various specifications is carefully manufactured, which can meet the dehumidification requirements of different environments and fields. The dehumidification wheel produced by Tyco has the following characteristics: the silicone dehumidification wheel has an active silica gel gluing rate of up to 82%, so it has excellent moisture absorption and meets the dehumidification requirements of most application fields; Molecular sieve dehumidification wheel contains 37% molecular sieve and 45% active silica gel, which is used for dehumidification in low humidity and high temperature environment, and can be used in dehumidification field requiring low dew point. According to Tyco’s dehumidifier runner, it can be customized according to customer requirements, meet the installation and replacement of most dehumidifier runners, and assist customers to select the right runner according to different dehumidification requirements. The heat recovery runner of Etec is imported from the United States technology and production line. The aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.03 is processed into a honeycomb structure. Because the thickness of the aluminum foil is thinner than that of the heat recovery runner produced by other companies, the heat exchange efficiency is higher. The surface of the aluminum foil is coated with molecular sieves, and the adsorption of molecular sieves is used for latent heat recovery. At the same time, the harmful gases in the exhaust are discharged to the outside by using the selective absorption characteristics of molecular sieves, Achieve the effect of energy saving and ventilation of fresh air. Since its establishment, we have decided to devote ourselves to the development of air handling and control and become a qualified product manufacturer in the field of air handling and control and environmental protection in the world.

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