Company Profile

The leading products of ANHUI WANYI SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. cover chromatographic, spectral and mass spectrometric analytical instruments. Wanyi technology has established a world-class product R & D platform in accordance with international standards, and established a high-quality, high standard, continuous innovation and global synchronous product R & D system. In January 2012, it established a "postdoctoral research station". The company adheres to the manufacturing concept of "perfect product", integrates the world’s leading manufacturing resources, globalizes the procurement of devices, socializes the production and manufacturing, and provides service for customers For international quality products. Wanyi technology manages and operates from an international perspective. It has made profound changes in integrated product development (IPD), integrated supply chain (ISC), human resource management, financial management and quality control. It has established an it based management system to actively adapt to international competition. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "quality Wanyi, service Wanyi", Wanyi technology is committed to building an enterprise with strong international competitiveness in the field of analytical instruments, and becoming a model of Chinese enterprises with a sense of social responsibility and respect.

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