Jaga Climate System(jiangsu)Co.,Ltd

Company Profile

In 1962, JAGA started the installation of central heating systems in Belgium and worked on the development of low temperature water radiators. During the first World oil crisis in 1975, JAGA developed a full range of heat pumps, which were JAGA’s early high performance products. After more than half a century of development, JAGA has become a well-known brand in the HVAC industry, business in 42 countries around the world, currently has production plants in Belgium, Czech Republic, Canada. Since 2004, JAGA has been sourcing raw materials and components in China. With the rapid development of the Chinese market and the increasing demand for high-performance HVAC products, JAGA set up a branch in China in 2012 and began to focus on selling products in China. Sustainability, innovation and social responsibility are the values of JAGA’s corporate culture, which are reflected in our relationships with customers, suppliers and employees. Over the past half century, JAGA’s unconventional thinking has created many revolutionary products, both technically and artistically, that are regarded as industry classics and highly respected by the market.

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