Jiang Su meigaomei Air-Condition Equipment Co.,Ltd

Company Profile

Jiangsu Meigaomei air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 (formerly Jiangsu Yafeng air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd.) and renamed as "Jiangsu Meigaomei air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd." in 2018, it is a manufacturer specializing in the production of central air conditioning terminal equipment. Its main products include: combined air conditioning unit, purification air conditioning unit, ceiling air conditioning unit, fan coil unit and total heat pump unit Heat exchanger, roof type air conditioning unit, etc. At present, the plant area is 6000 square meters, the office space is 1000 square meters, and there are 96 employees. The technical team members are from well-known manufacturers such as Tianjia, York, and mcville. The average age of the employees is 38 years old, and there are 21 people with college degree or above. 90% of the front-line production workers have high school degree or above. The main production equipment includes: 2 full-automatic CNC turret punches, 2 laser cutting machines, 3 full-automatic fin production lines, 2 hairpin copper pipe production lines, 3 mechanical tube expanders, 15 ordinary punches, 3 plate shears, 2 bending machines, profile cutting machines, steel pipe punching machines, etc. the equipment comes from top manufacturers at home and abroad, with an annual production capacity of 10000 combined air handling units and air conditioning units There are 100000 coil units.

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