Dalian Fileader Fluid Equipment Co,Ltd.

Company Profile

Dalian Fileader Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, specializing in the production of non-leakage refrigeration shield pump, including ammonia pump, fluorine pump, carbon dioxide pump, load refrigerant pump, etc. Conventional product power range 1.0 ~ 15KW, single pump flow range 0.5 ~ 50m3/h, head 10 ~ 100m; Design pressure 2.5MPa(ammonia pump, fluorine pump), carbon dioxide pump 4.0MPa; Beyond this range can accept special customization, special voltage, frequency can be customized (export products). Since its establishment, the company has served the middle and high-end users in the refrigeration industry, with customers all over the country. At present, the annual output of refrigeration shield pump products is about 2000 sets. The delivery time of conventional products is 20 days, and well-known domestic customers such as Iceberg, Snowman, Panasonic, Wuhan New World, etc. At the same time supporting exports to Russia, West Africa, Panama, Mongolia, Pakistan, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia and other countries.

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