Cubic Sensor and Instrument Co.,Ltd.

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Cubic Sensor and Instrument Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of gas sensors and gas analysis instruments. Based on non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology, light scattering detection (LSD) technology, ultrasound (Ultrasonic) technology, ultraviolet differential absorption spectroscopy (UV-DOAS) technology, thermal conductivity (TCD) technology, laser Raman (LRD) technology, Cubic has launched many types of gas sensing platforms , formed two major industrial ecology: gas sensors and gas analysis instruments and developed dozens of different products which are widely used in home appliances, automobiles, medical, environmental protection, industry, energy measurement and other fields at home and abroad. Cubic Sensor and Instrument Co., Ltd is the first batch of intellectual property demonstration construction enterprises in Hubei Province. It has established the Hubei Province Gas Analysis Instrumentation Engineering Technology Research Center and the Hubei Province Enterprise Technology Center. Cubic has undertaken the national major scientific instrument and equipment development special projects, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Internet of Things development special projects and other national technologies development project. Till now, Cubic has obtained 105 Patents in total, including 34 domestic and foreign invention patents in China. In 2019 Cubic and its subsidiary Hubei Ruiyi are determined to be selected as a demonstration enterprise for the “one-stop” sensor industry application plan by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Cubic won the "Most Influential IoT Sensor Enterprise Award" issued by China IoT Industry Application Alliance. With long-term technology innovation, high product performance and international marketing vision, Cubic has obtained the recognition of many well-known domestic and foreign companies. Cubic gas sensors have obtained successful cooperation with global well-known brands such as Midea, Gree, Haier, Hisense, Xiaomi, Lake Electric, YuWell Medical, Philips, Daikin, Panasonic, FAW-Volkswagen, Valeo, Mahler, and Bosch, etc. Cubic gas analysis instruments, based on the aforementioned core gas sensing technology, are widely used in various fields such as environmental monitoring, metallurgy, coal chemical industry, and biomass energy, and play an important role in energy saving and emission reduction. Cubic non-dispersive infrared gas sensors and portable infrared biogas analyzers, micro-fluid infrared flue gas analyzers, and infrared syngas analyzers have successively obtained national key new product certificates. Especially the infrared syngas analyzer won the Excellent Product Award of the Chinese Instrument and Meter Society, and its core technology won the Hubei Province Invention Patent Gold Award.

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