Company Profile

JDM Jingda Machine (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. After 30 years of development, JDM is now with a registered capital of 219 Million CNY, hosts workshops totaling 14000 ㎡ in a 200 acres factory. With our core value collaboration, dedication, innovation, and win-win, JDM works on design and manufacturing of coil processing machinery, microchannel heat exchanger production equipment, high speed stamping press, servo press, and composite material processing equipment. We are a public company listed at Shanghai Stock Market with code 603088 since 2014. As a leader in the HVACR equipment, we have always been the top supplier since 2008 in domestic market. JDM is capable of providing complete solution and turn-key solution in the field of heat exchanger production. Our main products in the HVACR field are fin press lines, micro-shrink expanders, hairpin benders, chipless return benders, integrated fin stacking and lacing machine. JDM also makes microchannel equipment such as high speed fin mill, tube mill, core duilders, and fin-core line. We are proud that our product and service is recognized by world renowned partners such as Mahle, Daikin, Media, Panasonic, Valeo, Gree, Hitachi, Fujitsu, and Haier. Our products have helped customers in 60 different nations to prosper and grow. To further support our global base of customers, JDM has opened branch in the USA, research center in the UK and offices in India and Indonesia. With the ambition of becoming the leader in HVAC equipment and pioneer in the development of intelligent forming equipment, JDM continues to provide safe, customized, and cost effective solutions to meet the ever higher standard of our customers.

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