Jiangmen East-Alliance Thermal Equipment CO., Ltd.

Company Profile

East-Alliance Thermal Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in brazed plate heat exchanger research & development and manufacture. As the inventor of Non-sedimentary Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger with cutting-edge self-patents, master the core R&D technology and independent intellectual property rights. East-Alliance Thermal Equipment enjoys the reputations of Chinese Scientific & Technological Innovation Fund Project enterprise, Guangdong Private Technology enterprise and National High-tech enterprise. The facility contains a complete set of professional producing and inspection equipment: punch, vacuum brazing furnace and the high-vacuum Helium leak detector, achieved to international leading level in mold design & development, and the heat exchanger technology & application. East-Alliance is an ISO 9001 and 14001 company, possessing Special Equipment manufacturing license, producing CE, UL and RoHS certificated product, which is widely used in heating and cooling industry and been exporting to over 40 countries all over the world.

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