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Fuzhou Development Zone ejector cryogenic refrigeration technology Co., Ltd ----Steel aluminum composite joint (patent product) Steel aluminum composite joint, widely used in aluminum row, aluminum plate, aluminum evaporator and aluminum air cooler and other products, with its excellent mechanical and physical properties, has been favored by users since it was used, combined with the mask has super tensile and shear capacity. In the tensile test of Fujian Mechanical Research Institute, taking DN25 steel aluminum composite joint as an example, the test pull rod was broken with 39kn (3.9t) tensile force by 600t tensile machine, while the joint surface of steel aluminum composite joint remained intact, which proved that the tensile strength of joint surface was higher than that of base metal. In the air pressure test, there is no leakage when the air pressure is 3Mpa and the water pressure is 15MPa, and the air pressure and water pressure indexes are higher than the industry standard. At present, in China, our company is the only one specializing in the production and sales of this product manufacturers, and from raw materials to production has fully realized the localization (has obtained the domestic patent certificate). Now, with the increasing expansion of the company’s production scale, the company’s steel and aluminum joints have changed from self-sufficiency to gradual export. With the concept of high quality, safety, high efficiency, convenience and low price, the company’s steel and aluminum products are more and more going to the domestic market, and have been recognized and praised by the majority of customers.

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