Foshan Tianjian Mechanical Co., Ltd

Company Profile

Tianjian Mechanical Co., located in Foshan, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D and manufacturing or automatic tube Processing equipment.The products are widely used in the enterprises of air Conditioning,heating,furniture automobile.The company has professional teams with a wealth of desingn experience in precision transmission, motion control,hydraulic and pneumatic system,machinery, intelligence and conditioning, heating, furniture and automobile. The company has professional control, hydraulic and pneumatic system, machinery, intelligence and information.The equipment produced by the company is well-known in the industry due to their innovative design,auromation and integration. The main products are as follows: Ⅰ. Traditional tube processing equipment (3D CNC tube bending machine series. Coiled tube cutting machine series, straight tube cutting machine, tube end molding machine series, processing equipment of condenser and evaporator, spinning machine series, punching and flanging machine series, processing equipment) Ⅱ. Feeding processing equipment (automatic feeding machine for tube bending and dotting, automatic feeding machine for tube end molding, automatic feeding and chipless cutting tube end molding machine, automatic feeding flaring bending machine, automatic feeding and blanking CNC punching flanging machine,automatic feeding embossing machine) Ⅲ. AlOseries (automatic tube bending machine series, automatic sawing machine for tube bending, automatic capillary tube bending machine, automatic blanking, flaring and chamfering machine) Ⅳ. Mechanical arm (6-axis mechanical arm for hanging. 9-axis mechanical arm for hanging) The company develops based on technological innovation and has received 31 utility patents and 5 invention patents since 2007. Moreover, the company was awarded as “Prvate technology Enterprise in Guangdong Province” and passed the ISO9001 certification in 2011.ln 2013, the company was awarded as “Private Technology Enterprise in Guangdong Province” and passed the ISO9001 certification in 2011.ln 2013, the company was awarded as “High-Tegh-Tech Enterprise in Guangdong Province”. Companies adhere to the “strict quality management, continuous technological progress, perfect after-sales service” spirit, dedicated to the general customer service.

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