Changxing Group Co., Ltd

Company Profile

Changxing Group Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise in HVAC and refrigeration industry. Adhering to the development concept of energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon, the group focuses on the design, research and development, production and installation of the whole industry chain products such as central air conditioning system, intelligent purification system and fire ventilation system. With the qualification of Grade I for professional contracting of building mechanical and electrical installation engineering, Grade I for professional contracting of fire fighting facilities engineering, Grade II for professional contracting of building decoration engineering, etc., it can realize "turnkey" project for users. The group’s products have also passed CRAA, CCCF, CE, RoHS, Ex, energy conservation and other national authoritative certification, and entered the brand collection platform of more than 100 construction enterprises such as China Construction, China Railway, China Power, China Nuclear, etc. The group has won recognition and praise from the industry for its high-quality service and excellent quality. Beijing Daxing Airport, Xiaodangshan Hospital, Xiongan New Area high-speed railway station, Xiongan Rongdong Area, Winter Olympic Games venues, Beijing Metro, Xi ’an Metro, Zhengzhou Metro, Wanda Plaza, Jiaodong Port and other projects have Changxing people’s fine work. "Wisdom creates clean wind, breathe a better new life". With the wind as the medium, the wind spread its wings, Changxing Group will be standing in the country’s largest HVAC industrial base - Shandong Wucheng with a new attitude.

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