Changzhou AMG Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Changzhou AMG Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. has introduced the world’s advanced technology and equipment for specialized manufacture of Industrial refrigeration valve in AMG series. Because of their perfect design, excellent performance and high-quality manufacture, they were awarded "Golden Prize of China Intemnational Patent & Brand Exposition" and "European Union PED certification" and "Canada CRN certification". Industrial refrigeration valve in AMG seres are featured by good-looking and artistic appearance, advanced and unique structure, light and flexible operation, excellent sealing performance,zero leakage, high reliability and long service life. They are widely used in refrigerated-storage and freezing systems in the industries of cooling, refrigeration and air-conditioning as well as the industries of food, beverage, bear, pharmaceutical, ship-building, gas, chemical, petroleum, etc. A high-performance refrigeration system is dependable on high quality components. The application of AMG series Industrial refrigeration valve with high quality and reasonable price will offer you a complete altermative for expensive imported valves while adding luster to your products.

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