Company Profile

SINZ Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, the original plant is located in Shanghai Songjiang District Xinyi Industrial Park, the new plant is located in Xuanzhou High-tech Zone, Anhui Province. We are specialized in refrigeration and air conditioning automatic control components research and development, production and trade of integrated industrial companies. The company has an automated production line installed 12, screw air compressor gas supply system, laser, high-frequency welding machine, thermal expansion valve filling test equipment, full-performance solenoid valve nuscopic test equipment, helium mass spectrometry leak detector and high-precision nuncies gold processing machine tools. Currently produced products have a variety of models of pressure (poor controller, thermal expansion valve, solenoid valve, hot air bypass valve, flow switch, drying filter, mirror, oil separator, gas separator, pressure meter and so on. One of the main technical and production managers has more than 40 years of experience in research and development and production of automatic controller parts, and has received professional training in ACO and Johnson Controls in the United States and has worked in its domestic joint ventures for many years. Product quality management strictly implement the relevant national (ministry) product award standards, built a set of effective standardized management system, through our strict management and rich experience, in the establishment of S009000/2000 quality management system on the basis of ensuring user satisfaction with product quality

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