A pioneering invention: the Flap-X steel grade for flap valves 一项开创性的发明: Flap-X级阀片钢
2022-2-17 0:00:00 | 展商 | Jason Zhang

A pioneering invention: the Flap-X steel grade for flap valves

一项开创性的发明: Flap-X级阀片钢


This premium product from Munkfors is also hard at work in countless compressors around the globe in the form of flap valves, which are as essential to compressors as heart valves in humans. As a flap valve opens and closes literally millions of times during its long lifespan, it must be made from steel with excellent material properties, including extreme tensile strength, flatness, surface quality, and steel purity. All this is reliably supplied by Börjesson and Jansson’s successors at voestalpine Precision Strip, 350 years after Börjesson first founded the company.

瑞典Munkfors工厂生产的这一优质材料在全球无数的压缩机中以阀片的形式努力工作,而阀片对于压缩机就像心脏瓣膜对于人类一样重要。由于阀片在其漫长的使用寿命内需要打开和关闭上千万次,因此它必须由具有优异材料性能的钢带制成,包括极高的抗拉强度、平面度、表面质量和钢材洁净度。在Börjesson先生创办公司350年后,Börjesson 和 Jansson在奥钢联精密带钢的继承者们稳定可靠地供应着具有所有以上性能的材料。


Flap-X for the future

Flap-X 为未来而生

Building on this laudable past, the developers at voestalpine Precision Strip chose the anniversary year just ended to make a major investment into raising the quality of future output: in 2020, working closely with leading flap valve manufacturers and compressor OEMs, they developed the superior Flap-X steel grade. Its performance is unmatched by any other flap valve steel. Once again, voestalpine Precision Strip is leading the way in creating significant innovations— compressors whose hearts of steel make them more efficient, durable, and quieter than ever before.





厚度范围:            0.076-0.60mm

宽度范围:            6-310mm

极限抗拉强度,Rm:   2100MPa

延伸率,A50:         ≥6%