China Refrigeration Expo 2021 has concluded successfully today
2021-4-9 0:00:00 | EXHIBITION | CREXPO

China Refrigeration Expo 2021 has concluded successfully today.

We are proud to announce that China’s HVAC&R industry has rejuvenated, and the scale of the exhibition has further expanded. The following are some of the important characteristics of the China Refrigeration Expo 2021:

1. The enthusiasm of enterprises for participating in the exhibition was high, and the types of exhibitors continued to diversify.

2. The Expo continued to help carry out in-depth exchanges and organize professional visitors.

3. The Expo will continue to carry out innovative product selection and enrich the display area in combination with industrial hot spots.

4. The Expo was determined to strengthen the protection of the intellectual property of exhibitors.

5. The Expo leveraged Internet+ to create a brand new refrigeration exhibition.

6. The Expo strictly implemented the national and regional epidemic prevention and control rules in order to build a safe exhibition.