Shenzhen gas coverage of 80% boost in cb industry
2016-12-16 0:00:00 | Industry | CREXPO

In recent years, the atmospheric pollution of the environment, shenzhen city, guangdong province has three sources: motor vehicle exhaust, fuel, coal-fired power plant flue gas, and various kinds of coal/wood/oil boiler flue gas emissions. To effectively improve the air pollution in the city, increasing laying of gas pipeline engineering implementation, strengthen the education, health, city public security, transportation, environmental protection, etc 12 major project implementation of the support of the people's livelihood, strive to be "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" during new progress and breakthrough.


According to understand, shenzhen for promoting urban villages and old residential gas pipeline construction, accelerate the construction of gas pipeline infrastructure integration. Which integrates dc development as the goal, to further increase the intensity of pipeline gas infrastructure construction, gradually improve central city pipe network, baoan district, longgang district, light district, ping shan district, longhua new district, dapeng new medium-pressure municipal pipe network construction and investment, realize the city pipe network coverage rate reached 80%, outside of former special zone to 75%.


It is well known that natural gas is currently the world recognized as one of the most high quality, clean environmental protection energy. World energy experts generally believe that the 21st century is the era of natural gas. Improve the natural gas in primary energy utilization ratio to improve the urban investment environment, realize the goal of energy conservation and emissions reduction and guarantee sustainable economic development is of great significance. In recent years, with the developing of natural gas, as a relatively new category in heating field, wall-mounted gas boiler market is developing rapidly, the scale expands rapidly, annual sales amount has exceeded 5 billion yuan. Compared with the conventional hvac equipment, cb both winter heating and daily supply of hot water of the two big functions, application field widely, and the energy conservation and environmental protection, it should be said that obvious advantages in itself.


And in with the spending power of ascension and the transformation of ideas, more and more consumers begin to pay close attention to in cb products, this is from the beginning of June this year Beijing international heating show the audience packed program can be found. And since 2015 the northern region to implement the policy of "coal to gas", there is no doubt that is broken in cb product market barriers, cut a big opportunity in the field of retail. From the point of the related data, the cb has carry out projects, product total bid amount to about 100000 units, equivalent to make additional domestic market scale growth this year by 10%, the cb for enterprises to accelerate the product promotion, accumulation of user groups, build market reputation is quite good.


Now, the effect of natural gas reforming not only in shenzhen, zhuhai, guangdong province is to speed up the popularization of pipeline gas, and under the state vigorously implement the relevant measures, such as "west to east gas pipeline", "coal to gas", "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" program, under the policy of our country has nearly more than 400 million people use natural gas. Believe in the near future, wall hanging furnace industry in China to develop the social basis and conditions, the basis of will on the golden path.