Celebrate opening years Promote new development - the 27th session of "China refrigeration exhibition kicked off in Beijing
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Morning of April 7, 2016, by the China council for the promotion of international trade Beijing branch, China refrigeration association, China association of refrigeration and air conditioning industry, Beijing international exhibition center to undertake the "27th annual international refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, ventilation and frozen food processing exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as "China refrigeration exhibition") in Beijing China international exhibition center (new) the grand opening.


The opening ceremony by the China council for the promotion of international trade Beijing branch, deputy director of the Lin, China refrigeration and air conditioning industry association director Shi Minzhi speech and announced on behalf of the organizers of the exhibition. Professional organizations delegates from global refrigeration industry, experts, scholars, and exhibitors representatives attended the opening ceremony.


Refrigeration exhibition of China was founded in 1987, after the host of 30 years of unremitting efforts, in the strong support of relevant government departments and industry colleagues to actively participate in, along with the rapid development of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in our country, has become one of the world's largest professional exhibition in the industry, the exhibition also has international exhibition organizers association (UFI) and the U.S. department of commerce (US FCS) two international certification authority. China refrigeration show accumulative effect has been showing a strong brand, the form on the basis of the exhibition, displaying, with high-end BBS, meeting as the carrier, in order to show the concept of "Internet +" diversified publicity platform, the production, study and research and close integration with, medium.


In 2016, more than 1050 China refrigeration exhibition for exhibitors, exhibition area of 106800 square meters, the exhibition net area of more than 43000 square meters, due to the venue, there are more than 200 exhibitors fail to arrange the booths. This exhibition will have from 30 countries and regions in the world of business and professional organizations to take part in, the vast majority of the global air conditioning refrigeration industry well-known brands, including the United States, Europe, Korea, India's national pavilion; Is expected to have come from more than 100 countries and regions in the world nearly 60000 professional visitors and users to visit and negotiate.


The theme of this exhibition is "celebrates its start vision Honesty pragmatic Run off ". The organizers and professional exhibitors from home and abroad during the show host content theme BBS, workshop and technical exchange conference of a rich, comprehensive analytic relevant national policies, focus on hot issues, industry technology innovation and development direction in the future. This exhibition will continue to carry out the "China refrigeration show innovation products" declare activities, organizations are high-end professional audience group to visit, to carry out the depth of interaction, and many other exhibition activities. The organizing committee will continue to advocate green exhibition development concept, to perform the social responsibility of the organisers. Refrigeration exhibition held at the same time, the exhibition, the organizing committee with the United Nations environment program (UNEP), the national environmental protection agencies, jointly organized by ozone climate technology at home and abroad such as road and industrial roundtable, refrigerant alternative technologies and discuss industry, for the future development of the industry to provide important reference for the information.


Six characteristics, inheritance development


1. The surrounding industry hotspot at home and abroad, to hold the workshop and communication meeting of rich and colorful


During the exhibition, the sponsor organizations held theme BBS, seminars, domestic and foreign exhibitors and trade organizations hosted more than technology exchange meeting, international conference, standard conferences, etc. Surrounding the exhibition theme, combined with national policies and the hot issues that related to the global market environment, industry interpretation and discussion, focusing on industry development direction, the exchange of the latest developments in technology innovation.


2. Organize effective audience, high-end audience delegation, to carry out the depth of interaction


Refrigeration exhibition organizers positive efforts, increase the intensity of high-end audience organization work, organization and overseas buyers, the field of architectural design institute focus group general air conditioning refrigeration, refrigerated focus group and general real estate focus group, general interaction with the exhibitors.


(3) comprehensive publicity, set up the "China refrigeration exhibition" brand image


Invited exhibitors to participate in special reports, to show the exhibitors; Exhibition news center set up more than 60 public and professional media at home and abroad hand in hand, all-the-way tracking reports, broadcast live online exhibition grand; Group interviews with different levels, making feature films. Published before and after the exhibition, a total of 6 issue of the China refrigeration exhibition express, one period for English version, a total of 100000 books circulation, directly to the exhibitors, users, audience and professionals, the first time reported the publicity exhibitors products and the latest trends, enterprise culture, provide value service for the exhibitors.


4. Adhere to the open cooperation, global industries' advantage resources


China refrigeration show always adhere to the "open cooperation" concept, with international, diversified integrated communication platform to attract industry group, the advantages of the exhibitors, media resources at home and abroad to actively participate in cooperation.


The world famous brand assemble the refrigeration exhibition. The United States, South Korea, India and Europe's national pavilion at the exhibition every year; The global air conditioning refrigeration industry more than 30 professional organization representing each year to visit the exhibition; Outside the national environmental protection agency and the UN environment programme (unep) (U NEP) hosted the annual biggest climate technologies of ozone roadshows and roundtable regular users of China refrigeration exhibition, in addition to the meeting also set up more than 500 square meters of road zone, focusing on the global refrigeration and air conditioning industry the latest technology progress and achievements in the field of alternative refrigerants. Society of the heating, refrigeration and air conditioning engineers (ASHRAE), European air handling and refrigeration equipment manufacturers association (EUROVENT) and the European association of energy and environment cooperation (EPEE) will continue to respectively with the organizers organize seminars. China refrigeration exhibition has become a global new and old friends together every year.


5. Continue to carry out the "China refrigeration show innovation products" recommended activities


As enterprises technology innovation product showcase, recommends the activity "China refrigeration show innovation products" has become one of the features of the exhibition. The activity to find all areas the most novelty and advanced representative products, reflect the latest technological achievements and development direction, improve user knowledge of refrigeration and air conditioning products.


6. Take advantage of new media to expand the exhibition influence


China refrigeration exhibition use outdoor advertising, the China refrigeration exhibition express media reports, the news of the exhibition center, all-the-way tracking mode such as propaganda, all-round developing promotion of publicity, and take advantage of network, open online "365 days China refrigeration exhibition" propaganda activities, realizes the spectators, the exhibitors and the exhibition "seamless docking". And on this basis, established the China refrigeration show WeChat public platform, sina weibo, refrigeration exhibition electronic systems, such as regular E-mail by exhibitors, WeChat, weibo, refrigeration exhibition electronic systems, web site, preparations for the fair, the content of the exhibition, exhibitors innovation dynamic refrigeration exhibition information and so on. In addition, in 2016 refrigeration exhibition sponsored open invitation to "micro" pre-registration way ahead of schedule, professional audience only using a mobile phone code to complete registration, site visit will be more fast and convenient.


Three big luminescent spot is worth looking forward to


1. The theme hold the pulse of The Times, confidence and responsibility


In 2016, is China's "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" the start of the implementation, in strengthening the supply side of the reform and promote transformation and upgrading of industry, industry background, air-conditioning refrigeration industry of our country also ushered in the new round of opportunities and challenges. The exhibition in the efforts to improve the quality of the exhibition and services on the basis of fully give play to the role of the exhibition platform for the communication, strengthen the cooperation between the global industry colleagues.


This exhibition will continue to be based on the idea of saving the exhibition, simplify the process of the opening ceremony, encourage exhibitors use green, environmental protection and recyclable materials, vigorously promote information service level recommended audience via cell phone code to access information, at the same time to achieve the purpose of the propaganda, display, save resources, reduce costs, reveal the refrigeration exhibition organizers determination and the reform of social responsibility.


2. Cooperation and communication between Chinese and foreign industry groups more deeply and widely


2 0 1 6 years, refrigeration exhibition of China refrigeration exhibition and Germany (Ch illv e nt a) as HVAC&R field two of the most important international professional exhibition, agreed to establish a strategic cooperative relations, in areas such as marketing, group visits, technical exchanges more in-depth and extensive cooperation, to promote the professional docking of the Chinese and European markets. This marked the china-eu two exhibitions qiangqiang cooperation, has the international exhibition cooperation milestone significance.


In addition, many international organizations, such as the heating, society of refrigeration and air conditioning engineers (ASHRAE), European air handling and refrigeration equipment manufacturers association (EUROVENT) and the European association of energy and environment cooperation (EPEE) will continue to be respectively with conference organizers joint organized by topic, strengthen the dialogue with China, make more in-depth exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese and foreign industry groups.


3. Strengthen the communication with exhibitors, improve service quality, enhance the cohesion


Refrigeration exhibition organizers in 2016 to strengthen the enterprises to visit, to further understand the industry situation and understand business requirements, and consult the business aspects of refrigeration exhibition work and advice. Through field visits, refrigeration exhibition organizers not only deepen the relationship with the enterprises, and better able to improve the work in the future. In 2015 under the influence of domestic and international environment, China's air conditioning refrigeration market appeared more than 30 years to shrink for the first time, although the industry environment is not good, but exhibitors and exhibition area of 2016 on 2015 levels. Thanks to refrigeration exhibition organizers to visit companies, in the future to visit companies will form a normalized and institutionalized.


China refrigeration exhibition from small to large, from big to strong development way, condensed the refrigeration and air conditioning industry work, bearing the weight of the Shared vision of the entire industry colleagues. China exhibition has developed into a global air conditioning and refrigeration industry, one of the three largest professional exhibitions, China refrigeration show in the future will continue to carry forward the core values of the air conditioning refrigeration industry, to build communication platform, internationalization and diversification of industry exhibitors and spectators to provide a full range of services, for the Chinese refrigeration and air conditioning hvac industry to make positive contributions to development of the upgrade.