Visual Adjustable differential Pressure Bypass valves ADP series
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  • product brand:ACOL
  • Numéro de stand:W2G59
  • product specification:ADP
  • product category:Air Conditioning-Central air conditioning plants-
  • product introduction:通常节能的小型中央空调水系统(VWV变水量系统),既要保证主机流量的稳定,又要保证末端的能量随时根据需要转移,在末端风机盘管通常安装电动二通阀,如果某个电动二通阀关闭会把流量转移到另外一个开着的末端中,即能量可以互相转移,在同时使用系数低的住宅空调系统节能显著。这套VWV系统的核心就是享有国家专利的ACOL垂直刻度压力调节指示的压差旁通阀(专利号: 201821676956. 3),它可以让用户非常方便的根据工程的实际情况设定旁通压差,彻底解决了小型系统压差旁通控制产品的昂贵,为压差旁通控制在小型系统的普及提供了可能,创新的产品设计为 现场安装和调试提供了方便。 Usually, the energy-saving small-scale central air-conditioning water system (VWV variable volume system) not only ensures the stability of the flow of the main engine, but also ensures that the energy at the end can be transferred at any time according to the needs. The fan coil unit at the end is usually installed with an electric two-way valve. If one electric two-way valve is closed, the flow will be transferred to another open end, that is, the energy can be transferred to each other, and the coefficient of use can be increased at the same time Low energy consumption of residential air conditioning system is significant. The core of this VWV system is the pressure difference by-pass valve (Patent No.: 201821676956 3) It can make it very convenient for users to set the bypass pressure difference according to the actual situation of the project, and completely solve the problem of expensive pressure difference bypass control products in small system, which provides the possibility for the popularization of pressure difference bypass control in small system, and the innovative product design provides convenience for on-site installation and debugging.