ACOL expansion tank
  • ACOL(Shanghai) Online Controls Co., Ltd
  • product brand:ACOL
  • Numéro de stand:W2G59
  • product specification:2L ~ 500L
  • product category:Air Conditioning-Central air conditioning plants-
  • product introduction:Acol balloon type expansion tank is used to buffer pressure fluctuation and part of water supply in the system. In the thermal system, it is mainly used to absorb the volume of working medium increased due to temperature change; in the water supply system, it is mainly used to absorb water hammer impact caused by the opening and closing of valves and pumps, as well as make up a small amount of water at night to make the main pump of the water supply system sleep, so as to reduce power consumption, Extend the service life of water pump. All the spherical expansion tanks of Acol adopt 304 stainless steel one-time forming flange, which rejects the possible leakage caused by flange rust and welding. The interface thread is processed by extrusion instead of turning. The uneven wall thickness caused by turning is rejected, which ensures the thickness of stainless steel and reduces the possibility of leakage of stainless steel flange. The processing technology of stainless steel flange of expansion tank is unique in China, and it is of great significance The key is to reduce the leakage rate of the gas filled in the expansion tank and the long-term reliable use of the expansion tank.