ACOL paddle flow switch WFS22 series
  • ACOL(Shanghai) Online Controls Co., Ltd
  • product brand:ACOL
  • Numéro de stand:W2G59
  • product specification:WFS22series
  • product category:Air Conditioning-Central air conditioning plants-
  • product introduction:Wfs22 series is mainly used for coal to electricity conversion, with copper structure, pressure up to 25bar. Its sensing parts use microswitch with higher current and voltage than magnetic switch. It can be installed inside the unit without tee, and it is better to install it outside the unit with tee or configure appropriate flow switch according to tee. Customized baffle flow switch for air-cooled modular machine and large air-cooled screw machine. Aiming at the eight major problems of traditional target current switch, such as large voltage drop, micro switch failure caused by condensate and target fracture, wfs22 series designs appropriate baffle according to the flow of water pipeline and host of customers. It only needs a suitable integrated baffle instead of multiple targets of traditional target current switch. Engineers no longer worry about how many targets to install on site, nor do manufacturers It can't control the installation quality of flow switch.