CF series kitchen exhaust duct fan
  • Dezhou Longda air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd
  • product brand:Dezhou Longda
  • Numéro de stand:W5C53
  • product specification:CF/2.8A~5.5A
  • product category:Ventilation Plants-Fans, axial, radial, cross flow-
  • product introduction:The fan has a ducted shape, and the motor is installed outside the fan. The oil fume of the high-temperature duct is completely isolated from the motor, so as to ensure the safe operation of the motor for a long time. The service life has been greatly improved compared with other forms. The silencing worm tongue is used to reduce the noise of the fan. It has the characteristics of low noise, excellent high temperature performance, high efficiency, and clear and convenient installation. The temperature of the conveying medium can be operated continuously for more than 60 minutes under the condition of 200°c, and the temperature of the conveying medium can be operated continuously for a long time without damage when the temperature of the conveying medium is 80°c. This fan is mainly used for high-end civil buildings, kitchens, ovens and other high-temperature media ventilation and exhaust, to facilitate the change of the domestic situation of no special kitchen fans in the past, on the other hand to ensure low noise in the kitchen, no pollution, the fan is domestic The first smoke exhaust duct fan for kitchen, won the honor of national scientific and technological achievements. The CF series kitchen exhaust duct fans are horizontal, and the air inlet and outlet are square. It is very convenient to connect with the duct. It can also be made into an ordinary snail shape. The fan can be used with a high-efficiency kitchen oil fume purifier. Used alone as a duct fan.