T35-11 series axial fan
  • Dezhou Longda air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd
  • product brand:Dezhou Longda
  • Numéro de stand:W5C53
  • product specification:T35-11/2.8#~12#
  • product category:Ventilation Plants-Fans, axial, radial, cross flow-
  • product introduction:This series of fans is suitable for conveying non-flammable, explosive, non-corrosive, and non-significant dust gas, and the ambient temperature should not exceed 60°C. It is widely used in general factories, factories, warehouses, offices, and houses for ventilation or strong heating. It can be installed in series with a longer interval in the pipeline to increase the pressure in the pipeline. It can also be used as a free fan when the casing is removed. The diameter of the fan impeller is divided into 30 specifications from the largest to the smallest. The blades of each specification have 4 blades. The angles of the blades are 15°, 20°, 25°, 30°, and 35°, with a wide range of parameters. The air volume is 826-67892m³/h, and the wind pressure is 39pa-474pa. Explosion-proof axial fan (BT35-11) is also a derivative product of T35-11. It is used to transport flammable and explosive places. The impeller is made of aluminum alloy to prevent sparks during operation. The motor is equipped with an explosion-proof motor. . The performance parameters of the FT35-11 and BT35-11 fans and their precautions are the same as those of the T35-11.