TE--A series unidirectional flow ventilator
  • Taizhou Airsong technology Co.,ltd
  • product brand:Airsong
  • Numéro de stand:E3G02
  • product specification:80mm
  • product category:Ventilation Plants-Ceiling fans-
  • product introduction:People's Daily activities shuttle between each room, but many families only install ventilation impel for a single or a few houses, ignoring the importance of ventilation throughout the house, so that some houses without ventilation devices contain oxygen or smell.Smart houses are "breathing buildings", which need to breathe in every room. The set of TE series of ventilation fans, through the mechanical ventilation far away from the bedroom and other rooms, drives the natural wind to bring in from the windows, so as to keep the air fresh inside the building. Multiple rooms summary exhaust, to avoid the repeated installation of ventilation device, and with easy installation and maintenance features. Suitable for most suites, villas and other places.