Purification type quiet cabinet fan
  • Taizhou Airsong technology Co.,ltd
  • product brand:Airsong
  • Numéro de stand:E3G02
  • product specification:
  • product category:Ventilation Plants-Ceiling fans-
  • product introduction:Frequency Conversion Duct Ventilator EC is a new product of intelligent fan project, the application of EC motor makes a step forward in the intelligent control of the fan, the motor built-in Controller circuit board EC motor is not only very energy- saving and users can adjust the air volume at will on the LCD panel or mobile phone and other. IT equipment, truly realize steps speed regulation. The purification type silent blower will filter PM2.5 and other dust or particulate matter while delivering air quietly in the ventilation network, so that the indoor air is more pure and fresh than the outdoor air. It is suitable for fresh air ventilation in high quality houses, or clean air places like laboratories and hospitals.