4-72 centrifugal fan
  • Dezhou Longda air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd
  • product brand:Dezhou Longda
  • Numéro de stand:W5C53
  • product specification:4-72/NO.2.8#-12#
  • product category:Ventilation Plants-Fans, axial, radial, cross flow-
  • product introduction:Motor: Our company independently manufactures YE2 three-phase asynchronous motors, YD, YDT variable multi-speed three-phase asynchronous motors, and pure copper motors have won gold and silver awards in the International Fluid Machinery Exhibition. Impeller: It is composed of 10 backward inclined airfoil blades, curved front and rear discs. It is made of copper plate or cast aluminum alloy, and has been calibrated by dynamic and static balance. It has good air-time performance, high efficiency, low noise and stable operation. Chassis: Can be made into two different forms 1: No.2.8~No.12 are made as a whole and cannot be disassembled; No.16~No.20 are made of three-open type, except for the split in two halves along the horizontal plane In addition, the upper part is divided into two halves vertically along the centerline and connected by bolts. Air inlet: made as a whole, installed on the side of the fan, the cross-section parallel to the axial direction is a curved shape, which can make the gas enter the impeller smoothly, and the loss is small. The transmission part: the main shaft, the bearing box, the rolling bearing, the pulley or the coupling Maker composition.