SWF mixed flow fan
  • Dezhou Longda air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd
  • product brand:Dezhou Longda
  • Numéro de stand:W5C53
  • product specification:SWF-I (single speed)/2.5#-14#, SWF-II (double speed)/6.5#-14#
  • product category:Ventilation Plants-Fans, axial, radial, cross flow-
  • product introduction:The fan is compact, easy to install, and reliable in operation. Under the same air volume and pressure, the volume is smaller than the axial flow or centrifugal type, and it can be directly connected with the air duct, installed horizontally or vertically, and has the characteristics of convenient operation and use. The outer shell of the fan is specially designed to greatly reduce the outflow noise. Under the working conditions of unit air volume and unit air pressure, the sound level can be reduced by 2-3dB (A) than A. Colleagues can obtain higher fan pressure at lower speeds. It can replace low-pressure centrifugal fans or high-pressure axial fans in the air supply and exhaust system of high-level civil buildings in industrial and mining enterprises without requiring a lot of noise reduction measures.