Inner Grooved Tube
  • Golden Dragon Precise Copper Tube Group Inc.
  • product brand:gdcopper
  • Numéro de stand:A6C50N1E25
  • product specification:
  • product category:Assembly Supplies for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning-Pipes-Pipe connectors and supports
  • product introduction:(IGT)Features: 1. Uniform, high precise, ideal tooth shape and lower internal residue etc. 2. 65%~100% larger interior surface area, 1.8~2 times higher heat transfer coefficient than the same specification plain tube. Application: Widely used in HVAC industry, to make the AC more energy-efficient, environment friendly and healthy. R&D:GD Copper always leads the industry, develops and promotes the tube with small diameter & high-performance tooth, to deliver quality service and competitive products to our clients.