The Brushless DC Motor For VRF Variable Frequency Multiple on-line
  • ChangZhou Yongan electric co.,LTD
  • product brand:YONGAN ELECTROMOTOR
  • Numéro de stand:B3N22N8G09
  • product specification:ZDK120-8 ZDK200-8 ZDK250-8 ZDK370-8
  • product category:Air Conditioning-Variable Refrigerant flow air conditioners-
  • product introduction:This series of brushless DC motors are designed for varying frequency multi-split unite of outside,the motors have kinds of type using。They have suitable structure,high efficiency,low temperature rise,,low vibration and low noise ,stepless speed regulating ,they are used by aluminum alloy cover,steel plate housing and imported low noise ball bearing,and least to fix。There are two series of motors for consumers to choose:be provided with inner driving device and without inner driving device。