R410a/HFC-410a/Refrigerant 410a
  • product brand:ICOOL
  • Numéro de stand:A5M34B5L24A6K46N1A01N7C54
  • product specification:Cans, Cylinders, Ton Cylinders and Isotank
  • product category:Refrigerant-Refrigerant-
  • product introduction:R410A is an HFC blend designed for new R22 applications. It operates at higher pressures than many other refrigerants, and so cannot be used to retrofit R22 systems. Systems designed for R410A can take advantage of its ability to use smaller components, making it a key refrigerant for domestic and light air conditioning equipment. R410A's low glide also makes it suitable for some centrifugal compressors, and it can operate in low temperature applications.