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  • product brand:xyfair
  • Numéro de stand:B6J08N7G35
  • product specification:
  • product category:Ventilation Plants-Wall mounted fans-
  • product introduction:installed in the ceiling, the perfect integration into the decoration plan; Built-in efficient all-heat exchanger, hot and cold recovery ratio of up to 95%; Ultra-quiet energy-saving design, "net" enjoy the best sleep quality; Replacement of supplies, intelligent detection, use from the no worries; Using the leading full heat exchange technology, can effectively carry out indoor and outdoor air temperature and humidity exchange; Perfect solution to the lack of internal circulation, to avoid carbon dioxide accumulation; Through the pipeline can be inside and outside each room air circulation, to achieve the central fresh air model; Fast and efficient removal of PM2.5, haze, sterilization, odor and other harmful gases.