Axial Fan
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  • product brand:Flyfon
  • Numéro de stand:B6G28N7G25
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  • product category:通风设备--
  • product introduction:HTL series axial flow fan is our product using the latest technology, is a new generation of axial fan which is developed by the new manufacturing process. It is widely used in civil, industrial, agricultural, transportation and other industries ventilation, ventilating place. This series of axial fan can change the number of blades and the installation angle within 50℃conveniently, its performance is extensive which can meet the requirements of customers with a good replacement and maintenance. The performance parameters of the whole series axial fans provided by the data and the graph which all have reliable test basis, is a series products welcome by customers. Selection methods: 1. The combination of the number of blades and the installation angle of the blade can use the performance parameter tables and performance curves within the technical manual. 2. According to the requirements of wind flow and pressure, find out the suitable model and machine number, and get the corresponding power configuration. 3. The data provided by the performance parameters and performance curves are the standard intake conditions. Please note that the conversion when the operating conditions change. 4. When selecting type, indicate direction of air flow and explain.