Flexible Heating Cable
  • Backer-Springfield Dongguan Co.,Ltd
  • product brand:Backer-Springfield
  • Numéro de stand:A2H08N3C37
  • product specification:Customized
  • product category:Refrigeration Equipment-Refrigeration systems and plants-Chillers, liquid
  • product introduction:Flexible Heating cable are made of resistance wire, PVC、glass and silicon glass. The most common seal connection is with a silicon rubber molded biscuit or a heated heat-shrink sleeve by the heating cable and silicon lead wire. Working temperature could reach 105-200 degrees Celsius. Heating cable can quickly and efficiently prevent ice build-up on ice-maker water fill tubes or around glass doors on commercial refrigerators to prevent condensation. Aluminum foil tap heater with heating cable built-in could achieve easy installation on site. Heating cable could insert through an aluminum tube to make a much complicated configuration defrost heater or a crankcase heater with auxiliary heating purpose.