PANAX DC Inventer Groud-Source Heatpump
  • Jaga climate (jiangsu)co,ltd
  • product brand:JAGA
  • Numéro de stand:W3F31
  • product specification:MWH-17/30
  • product category:Refrigeration Equipment-Refrigeration systems and plants-Heat pumps
  • product introduction:Ground source heat pumps have long been popular for their high energy efficiency and stability. Although the cost of using underground pipes is slightly higher, the product is very economical in the long run. The Panax High efficiency ground source heat pump has many advantages. It is a highly integrated machine that can heat and cool residential or commercial buildings year-round and easily provide domestic hot water. In addition to efficiency, it also includes the characteristics of quiet operation, easy installation and small installation space. Panax ground source heat pump is an ideal choice for buildings with small room space but high energy efficiency requirements. The application of DC frequency conversion technology in ground source heat pump makes the energy efficiency ratio of Panax ground source heat pump easily reach EUROVENT level A energy efficiency, and also meet China’s level I energy efficiency standards.