Flow switch
  • product brand:KAOBO
  • Numéro de stand:E4F55
  • product specification:1“、3/4”、1/2“
  • product category:Refrigeration Equipment-Refrigeration systems and plants-
  • product introduction:LKB-01B series flow switch adopts target sensor, which can be used for water cooling system or lubricating oil system as flow control or alarm protection. It can also be used to detect and observe the liquid flow. It is generally used for air conditioning and water supply equipment. It is used to sense the change of the liquid flow through the pipeline, such as water, ethylene, glycol or other non-hazardous liquids. Its typical application is in places where the interlock function or "cut-off" protection is required. The setting value is adjustable, and users can adjust it according to their needs.