Evaporative condenser
  • product brand:Jiangsu Lantian
  • Numéro de stand:W1A25
  • product specification:LTC/LTCN Series
  • product category:Refrigeration Equipment-Components for refrigerating systems and plants -Condensers
  • product introduction:Evaporative condenser is also called evaporation cooling, cooling (condensing) device, evaporative air cooler, evaporative condenser is divided into downstream evaporative condenser and countercurrent evaporative condenser according to the different directions and structure of water vapor flow. It is a kind of equipment that absorbs the heat of the high-temperature gaseous refrigerant in the coil when the spray water outside the coil is partially evaporated, so that the refrigerant in the tube is gradually cooled from a gaseous state to a liquid state. Characteristics of the downstream evaporative condenser: the downflow evaporative condenser refrigerant enters at the same end and flows out at the same end; Relative to the counterflow type, the increase in the cooling filler reduces the spray water temperature, which can achieve a lower final cold temperature and better adapt to the high humidity bulb temperature environment in the south; It has the advantages of easy installation, low noise, water saving, power saving, low operating cost, no pollution of the environment, long service life, simple maintenance, energy saving and environmental protection. Characteristics of the counter-current evaporative condenser: the countercurrent evaporative condenser refrigerant and the heat carrier enter from both ends and go in opposite directions, which can keep the heat transfer temperature difference at a large value and improve the heat exchange effect; The counter-current type has the advantages of large processing capacity, compact structure, small footprint, convenient installation, suitable for cold, dust and other harsh conditions.