ZLKD-1000F Desiccant rotor dehumidifier
  • Hangzhou Peritech Dehumidifying Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • product brand:Peritek
  • Numéro de stand:B2J39N5G04
  • product specification:ZLKD-1000F
  • product category:Air Conditioning-Air treatment-Air dehumidifiers
  • product introduction:1)Dehumidify quickly, suitable for low temperature and humidity process. 2)Silica gel desiccant wheel, chain-driven. 3)Aluminum frame. 4)Inner insulation box, energy-saving. 5)Efficient centrifugal fans. 6)The reactivation select electric heating pipe with stainless steel fins or steam heating exchanger with copper tube aluminum fins. 7)Safe and convenient electric control. 8)Auto / manual selector switch.