Suction Line Accumulator

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GENERALDESCRIPTION *  Suction line accumulators partially eliminate risk of returning cooling gas into compressor in liquid form. *  "U" tube design is used to provide maximum cooler flow, and minimum oil trap. *  It provides excessive cooling of gas in liquid line and quick evaporation of liquid drops coming to liquid trap. *  The system comprises the following; Long-line systems, Conversion circuit systems, Heating pump and defrost applications. Recommended for liquid coolers. *  Suction line accumulators are used between condenser and compressor. *  Ensure correctness of In & Out signs on suction line accumulators.   Connection Parts of the Product; *  We determined Input and Output connections according to volume of products. *  ODS connection is used in standard products. *  Different connection may be used upon request.   *  There is no Safety Valve connection in standard products. *  Safety Valve connection can be provided upon request. *  Please, contact us for diffe
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