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GENERAL DESCRIPTION *  Mufflers are designed to prevent noise and vibration in outlet line of compressor. *  Sounds resulting from piston compressors are decreased to minimum level by collision within chambers thanks to chambers with holes. *  Mufflers are used between compressor and condenser. *  They can be mounted according to any direction of flow. *  When selecting a muffler it is enough to see suitability for compressor’s outlet pipe. *  Muffler’s inlet and outlet must be fixed in order to eliminate vibrations that may lead to low performance of the muffler.   Connection Parts of the Product; *  ODS connection is used in standard products. *  Different connection may be used upon request.   Note; *  Our firm manufactures products of any required diameter, length, and properties according to relevant standards. *  Different colors may be used upon request in number of quantities. *  Oil Separators are manufactured in accordance with CE 97/23/EC directive. *  Please,
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