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General Description ◆Helical type oil separators with tank can be used in various applications. ◆Multi-compressor units are among widely used applications ◆Helical type oil separators with tank are designed for high-pressure oil management systems. ◆These products are especially designed for scroll and piston type compressors. ◆Not recommended for screw or rotary compressors. ◆Standard product series are designed for usage with relevant oils and HFC cooling substances. ◆Spiral (helix) system and stainless filter system in the product are more effective in separating oil than standard oil separators. ◆The product provides 99% output in case of selecting model suitable for the system. ◆Gas/oil mixture is moved along spiral path by centrifugal force, and oil particles revolve on surface of perimeter and collide with layer. ◆Separated oil is stocked in a tank placed in bottom layer together with directing particles within the system. Flow of oil in desired direction can be ensured us
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