SVA series vibration absorber

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Product Description: SIKELAN brand vibration absorber is mainly used for connection between circulating tube and compressor of a variety of air-conditioners, refrigerators, congealers etc, to absorb vibration caused by compressor, and protect the whole tube system. SIKELAN brand vibration absorber is made up of interior-stainless steel corrugated pipe, exterior-stainless steel wire braid. Both stainless steel corrugated pipe and wire braid is to be welded with copper end tubes. Each vibration absorber is made the pressure test and vacuumized. Technical Parameter: 1. Applicable refrigerants: HCFCs and HFCs. 2· ODS connection and various lengths are available. 3· Applicable medium temperature: -40°C~+150°C Advantage: 1. OEM is available. 2. Size is available in both metric and inch units. 3. Length can be customized. 4. Precise end sized and perfect inspection.
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