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Greetings! Here we would like to share one of our strong products with you which suits to your market very well.Competing with one of your local big brands, finally we won Colombo Bandaranaike International Air port . we have CE/ISO/AHRI/AMCA for our AHU 

Below is our AHU general features for your reference:
All units are designed by selection software--supplied by UK company Computair
2)Installation:Modular type
3)Standard coils:4R, 6R, 8Rows,Custom coils depending on capacity designed by selection software
4)A variety of functions for choice including below:
1. Mixing box                                                               9.Wet film humdifying
2.Plate primary filter                                                      10.Spray Humidifying
3.Bag primary filter                                                        11.Fan set
4.Bag secondary filter                                                      12.Flow equalization
5.Cooling coil                                                              13.Silencer
6.Heating coil                                                              14.Air distributing
7.Vapor heating coil                                                        15.High efficient filter
8.Vapor humidifying                                                         16.Front air outlet
                                                                            17.Top air outlet
5)Control panel for option which can communicate with BMS through Modbus
6)The biggest advantages of our AHU are our some  details design.
Firstly:  We made inner bending design, it makes AHU inside very smooth, much stronger, and no falling off. As I know till now seldom company makes the small but important bending design.  
Secondly: We cost much to purchase a 3-dimension dispensing machine, which is specially used on AHU sealing. As we know in our field and in domestic, except us, only one company has this good production equipment.
Inner smoothness and sealing are very important especially for hospital, pharmaceutical and other high request clean areas. So we focus on this.
3rdly, On other hands, our sealing material is imported from German, air leakage test is L2 level.
7)Our Hyphoon has been adopted by many pharmaceutical factories, shopping malls and hotels. Pls visit following linkage to see our reference job:

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