ICEMATIC New lubricant range for new generation of refrigerants

2019-01-16 RELEASES Climalife Galco

These new range of products offer all the lubrication solutions for transitional and long-term sustainable low GWP refrigerants.

The Icematic® NXG series is designed for today’s transitional refrigerant gases. These lubricant solutions are ideal for operations that desire to utilize refrigerants offering lower GWP impacts.

Next generation refrigerant gases, such as R-32, R-448A, R-452A, R-513A (among other blends), are options to help lower GWP impacts for compressor systems today.

The Icematic® ECO series is designed for long-term sustainable low GWP refrigerant applications to provide optimum compressor system benefits. The ECO series enables premier performance, reliability, and efficiency to achieve the lowest direct and indirect GWP impacts. It has been specially formulated to work with R-1234ze, R-1234yf, and non fluorated refrigerants such as hydrocarbons (R-600a (Isobutane), R-290 (Propane), R-717 (Ammonia), and R-744 (Carbon Dioxide).

Those ranges are available in many viscosity grades, from ISO VG 32 to 220, and all packaging from 1 litter cans to 208 litters drums.

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