Notice of online application for 2019 China Refrigeration

2018-03-07 EXHIBITION CR2019

  2018 China Refrigeration will be held in New China International Exhibition  Center, Beijing from April 9th to 11th. Meanwhile, the online application for  2019 China Refrigeration have been officially opened recently. In order to make  sure that you can book the exhibition booth in time and accurately, the  Organizing Committee of China Refrigeration has launched a new system "2019  China Refrigeration Exhibition Booth Application".

  Exhibitors can fill in the registration form online (When users sign up, if  the account exists, you can log in directly. You can click on "forget password"  to reset the password). The application information cannot be modified after  submission. The company who registered successfully can confirm the booth during  the 2018 Refrigeration Exhibition in CR2019 Reservation Office.


  First stage,Marth 5th to 20th

  Second stage,April 3rd to 11th

  Booth confirmation time and place:

  April 3rd to 5th,Kun Tai Hotel Beijing

  April 6th to 11th,New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing

  Link to 2019 booth Application System


Scan it and change the language to English

  If you have trouble in registration, please send the info to, including your name, position, photo, company's name and  email, we help you register instead.

  China Refrigeration Committee

  March 4, 2018

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