China Refrigeration Committee attended Meat, Fisheries & Retail Expo

2017-12-13 EXHIBITION 中国制冷展组委会

  In order to propagate the influence of China Refrigeration, expand the refrigeration terminal market and strengthen the organization of professional visitors and buyers group, China Refrigeration Committee attended 15th China International Meat Industry Exhibition, 22nd China Fisheries & Seafood Expo and 19th China National Retail Congress in October and November 2017.

  During the fair, the representatives of China Refrigeration communicated with their closely related exhibitors such as Yantai Moon, Haier, Panasonic, Carrier, Danfoss, Honeywell, Bitzer, GEA, Nantong Square, Sinrofreeze and some other enterprises who involved themselves in refrigeration, cold chain industry. They also asked their exhibitors for their demand of China Refrigeration. China Refrigeration have set up the cold chain exhibition zone since 2011, which provides the enterprises a comprehensive display platform with the latest technology, equipment and the overall solution of cold chain part. Over the same period, China Refrigeration hold technical communication, popular science lectures and other activities to provide exhibitors with abundant propaganda and sales channels, showing the influence of cold chain industry

  By taking part in the related refrigeration industry exhibitions, China Refrigeration expand its exhibitors in meat, aquatic products, food, business and retail industry and attract more professional visitors and buyer groups to visit the exhibition. At the same time, China Refrigeration committee make a positive effort to the preparatory work of 2018 China Refrigeration.

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