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Welcome to Essen Tech, the world leading manufacturer of various brass valves and components, producing a wide range of brass products including specicalized valves for HVAC industry as well as those for construction, motor and gas industries.
Essen Tech is equipped with the integrated production lines from raw materials to the finished products, which is one of our advantages to strengthen our competitiveness.
Besides our cost competitiveness, we have strong confidence on our manufacturing technology, controlling quality and delivery. These commitments have been proved through long term business relationships with international conglomerates.
Essen Tech will be more prepared to meet our customer's needs ever than before and continue to thrive together with its customers.

Product List

3way ball valve

Essen 3way ball valve W1D41 Ball valve & 3way ball...

Ball Valves

Essen Ball Valves W1D41 Ball Valves for...


SB1 W1D41 SB1 (Quick Push to...

Moisture indicater

Essen Moisture indicater W1D41 Clear indication of...
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