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Partner of cost innovation, DS-Korea is a company that specializes in manufacture and supply of refrigeration and air conditioning parts.
Since our establishment in 1991, we have been supplying the lowest priced parts with good quality to our customers.
DS-Korea is producing “① Cu/STS pipe maching parts”, “② Cu/STS pipe brazing/assembly parts”, “③ refrigerating machine as a OEM”.
we have invented the world's first "copper connector" applied plate heat exchanger and guarantee the reduction of defective cost, Reduction of filler metal cost(Ag 30% -> Ag 2%) and labor cost(Skilled person -> beginner).
We have developed a welder gas-saver "Agni" capable of precise gas control using an electronic expansion valve.
This torch makes unchanged flame, so even beginners can braze easily and prevent leakage defect.
We can provide services at the lowest price on DS-Korea and partner's manufacturing know-how.
We also guarantee "product's quality" and "due date".
Thank you.

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