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Sun Kwang Brazing filler metal Co., Ltd has been a leading manufacturer of special aluminum filler metals for brazing industry since its establishment in 1982.
Our SKA series contain non corrosive flux in the metal.
And with its unique patented technique; it provides solution for many existing problems that occurs during brazing process.
Using our SKA series eliminate the need for flux paste and offers savings in terms of time and operational cost.
And we have created a “work of Art” through SU series, Flux injected seamless wire.
Our SU series can protect workers from harmful atmosphere and maintain clean working environment.
Especially our SU-TC150 has been demanded by transformer makers from all over the world for joining aluminum and copper or brass at lower temperature(430ºc ~ 490 ºc).
We have been supplying our products in types of wire, rods and rings over to many hanon systems plants located around the globe, LG, and Samsung, as well as many leading HVAC manufacturing customers.

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  • Sun Kwang Brazing Filler Metal

    Sun Kwang Brazing Filler Metal

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