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Xushi Group consists of Taicang Xushi Copper Products Co., Ltd., Taicang Fuhao Copper Products Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Furui Copper Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. We fully carries out ERP management. As a professional copper alloy materials manufacturer ,we have been approval by TUV PED certiciate, CCS Certificate for marine industrial,and Lloyd's ISO9001 Quality Management System.

We focus on copper alloy industry, annually production capacity 25,000 tons .We prodcuing the popular copper alloy includes C68700 (CuZn20Al2As,CZ110), C44300 (CuZn28Sn1As,C111), C70600 (CuNi10Mn1Fe,CN102), C71500 (CuNi30Mn1Fe,CZ107), , C26000 (CuZn30), C27000 (CuZn36) C27200(CuZn37) ,Complex Brass Car Synchronizer Ring,and capillary tube,low finned tube,inner grooved tube,C70600 brake line tube,C70600 LWC tube(Max weight 200Kg coil).

With on our excellent quality and technology,full service,we become to main supplier to GEA Group,Broad Group and Solex Group,etc.

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  • Suzhou Furui Alloy Technology Co, Ltd

    Suzhou Furui Alloy Technology Co, Ltd

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